About me…

As every other person, I also have a story, and this is mine – nothing extraordinary but in the same time – different! I don’t like to talk about my childhood but I can tell one thing – I was crazy about cars and motorcycles.

I was dreaming to become a mechanic and professional racer. In high school I wanted to study internal combustion engines and mechanics but all vacancies were occupied for this class, so I signed at the same school, but different class. This didn’t stop me, I found a job after school as a car mechanic and like this I gained all my knowledge about motor vehicles. I remember my first moped I could disassemble it and put it together with my eyes closed.

After high school I moved to a bigger city – Varna, continued to work as a car mechanic and to learn new things. It didn’t take long for me to make my first steps in my career as a drift racer. After few broken cars and money to waste, I made my first semi-professional car – BMW-E30. This is all what I had money for, and to be honest, this is what I was spending all of my money for, but I was happy. The feeling when you are on racing track is… it can’t be described – it’s like freedom, you forget about everything, it’s only you and the car, it’s incredible.

It came a moment when I felt I wanted something more, I didn’t feel like this is my place. I moved to Sofia – the capital. It was not bad, but still – not my place. So, in 2016 I started my journey around Europe – Greece, Czech Republic, England and Scotland. As the time passed by I found another passion of mine – swords. I admire the great gladiators and for me – the greatest gladiator and freedom fighter of his times is Spartacus. I decided to follow my passion and I found a gladiator academy in Rome, Italy.

I went there for the first time in 2018, I stayed for 2 months – really liked the city – history on every corner, warm weather – everything I needed, but the winter came and I had to go back in England where I was and I am still working as a car mechanic. In the summer of 2019 the organization “Gruppo storico romano” it is an association that makes reproductions of Roman history and also organizing private and public gladiator shows for the summer season , gave me the opportunity to be part of their family.

I was taking part in almost every show and this is how I met Manu Bennett – Crixus from the Spartacus TV series. And that was it! I felt so inspired and this was the moment I decided to take my passion and turn it into career – modeling and acting. I like to travel, meet new people and I am generally opened for the world. After a series of events, I met a photographer with who we worked together on a few projects and this is how this portfolio was born.

I am really admiring the gladiators, the knights and the fighting techniques they used and the skills they had. I have always felt joy of participating in gladiator performances and for a second, I did not have any hesitation, if this is was my place. I welcome any proposal related to such projects, and of course any other kind of shooting. It is a pleasure for me to be in front of the camera, I love working in a team and communicating with different people. It will be an honor for me working together or be part of your team.